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Post  GREENERRRR on Mon Dec 14, 2009 10:06 pm

the new "player to beat" - has been running rough shot throgh the franchises - HE IS A GREAT PLAYER - maybe this will help some1 to knock him off his perch...

-Plays mostly 4-6 defense (pretty certain Multle D - Playbook)to illimanate the ground game - maybe open things up and he will be forced to change

-Controls FS mostly

-sits in zone coverage mostly (blitzes occasionly to keep yha honest) - but mostly drops back to zone and tries to cover - hoping for you to make a mistake

-Great stick skills - always hit sticking on every tackle - good pursuit to the ball - but sometimes over agressive - can be exploit agressive players like him - with counters, screens and misdirection plays

- with an accurate passer - try and exploit the seems in the zone - THROW AWAY FROM FS (OR THE MAN HE CONTROLS - HE HAS GOOD CATCHING AND PASS DEFENSE SKILLS)

- COUNTERS THE BLITZ WELL - Dont make this the basis of your game plan - he will blitz counter you all day and eat you up

* Overall classy guy - that follows league rules, is active and never runs the score up unnecessarily


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Post  Boltssbbound on Tue Dec 15, 2009 12:16 am

-you need to stay patient when passing the ball offensively, and take the short passes. he plays zones that protect against the deepball VERY well and almost every time i tried to stretch the field he intercepted me. also be careful with inaccurate quarterbacks because most of his DBs have good cathing and always seem to be in position to intercept overthrown passes.

-his D has alot of speed so pitch plays and screens wont work very often, also dont expect many yards after the catch from your receivers

-his running game yields alot of big plays as he continuely ran outside with his speedy running back at my slowest DE. do whatever u can to prevent him from running outside, even if it means giving up a few inside runs

-in the playoffs he tormented my Qb with a user pash rush with manny lawson, if he tries this i strongly recomend sliding your line towards him and throwing only short passes and running the ball, because if you just ignore it and try to throw deep like i did he will force numerous sacks and interceptions

-I wouldn't recomend blitzing him, but you have to find a way to get pressure on his QB my Dline got manhandled by his OL and he was effortlessly able to march down the field on almost every drive, if you dont get pressure he will calmly avoid your Dline all day until he finds a wide open receiver, i had this happen several times for big plays

-when i got adequite pressure from my Dline i had some success with cover 2 and cover 3 zones, his passing game was still pretty good but i had a few dropped ints that could have made the game more competetive, and all off his big plays came when he escaped pressure and was able to wait for my zone to break down


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Re: boywonder410

Post  yanksuck007 on Mon Feb 08, 2010 11:51 pm

u guys actin like hes a god! ive played him one and he beat me by 5 and it shouldve been alot more but i kept myself in it despite many TOs. and when we played he had scrubby DBs coverin my WRs and i put my top 3 WRs up to anyones and call mine better! somehow a 55 overall was coverin calvin johnson a 97 with 95 speed his corner had 93. somehow no matter what route i called his coverage was perfect! and a guy thats 55 overall man coverage cant be good like any of his other attributes. when i threw it there he switched and used the corner but the simple fact that he would use a 55 overall guy at cb #1 and shut down a 97 overall without him switchin and doin it is pretty lame! THAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN AND SHOULDNT. but oh well cheers

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Re: boywonder410

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