SPORTSMANSHIP - stolen from Micheal_isking

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SPORTSMANSHIP - stolen from Micheal_isking

Post  GREENERRRR on Mon Dec 21, 2009 11:06 pm

[b]THIS POST WAS SHAMELESSLY STOLEN FROM Michael_isking - from the 3 downs lg

Listen everyone I just wanted to start a brief thread on honesty and sportsmanship.

Win or lose I just want to play against people who are honest sim gamers who follow the rules. This includes our league's 4th down rule and our leagues general rule about not pulling any tournament cheats like moving around d-lineman, nano blitzing etc.

So if you're an honest sim gamer I look forward to playing against you. If you have any questions about sim play ask the commish of this league. No one wants to be around dishonest people in real life and playing games online is no different. 99.99% of leagues fail. Let's makes this league one of the few that actually survives.


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