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Post  GREENERRRR on Thu Jan 14, 2010 7:24 pm

EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION - is clearly the most important aspect for high particpation rates - HIGH PARTICPATION RATES ENSURES GAMES R PLAYED WITHIN 48 HOURS - this ensure the week advances quicker and we complete more seasons... SO using this logic it is clear the for the need of solid communocation between players...

I suggested that the membership place their cell phone under the owners section - clearly the membership has not imbraced this - which i understand because guys r apprehensive to put personal information online - this is my suggestion....

Give me your cell # for text messages only - I WILL KEEP THIS INFORMATION PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTAIL (pls note: if you under 16 - ask your parents permission first)... - if u r not online - and your opponent is - i can send you a text message telling you that he is available to play... I am certain this will increase particpation rates


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