trade ..randy moss

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trade ..randy moss

Post  JohnnyLagZ17 on Fri Jan 15, 2010 4:33 pm

i know every1 wants to keep their 1st round picks but if you feel you can win now i am looking to trade and rebuild i have stars like

randy moss for only low 2nd or high 1sts ( packaged with another player even if you want.. well talk )

my center , my lt , my rt , my dt , my wr ( moss) or carlos st stevens if its during the draft n u have a good pick

most my cbs

my ss

all my rbs

my qbs ( i wont trade marrow or w/e for cheap at all!)

bellows is obtainable but you must offer a big deal i love him hes young reason to bounce him ...unless it helps my team alot

seriously.. look at the seahawks message me n well talk I have no person im not willing to trade if the price is right but the older guys come alot cheaper ( moss would normaly in a weak draft class cost a 1 and a 70s wr askin for a 2 ..)

I am dying for players that are my style and i dont have any like that maybe my 2nd te

by the way my tes are up for grabs

please send offers im trying to talk to every1 but i have a broken controller its a pain 2 use really so i hope every1 can read here

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