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MLB the SHow 10

Post  GREENERRRR on Thu Feb 11, 2010 7:59 pm

iTS RELEASE DATE IS FAST Approachiong (march 2nd...)

I want to go on record that i am 100% committed to this league and will see it through its end date of year 10... I know many of us (especially the 17 founding members that are still with us are HUGE MLB the SHOW fans - afterall thats where we all met in my LG in the show last season)... Nevertheless, its important that these core players (and the rest of LG) make a committment similar to mine to finish season 10 (essentially u only have to play 1 game every 48-72 hours - perhaps extend that committment to 2 or 3 other LG`s in the madden Network and u will only have to avg 1 gm a day!) - this will leave plenty of room to play lots of the SHOW!

Now that i have made my intentions clear - i want to extend an invitation yto all players in our network to join our MLB the SHOW Group - its a similar organization as this for players playing MLB the SHOW - website was lauched 10 hours ago and has 15 members already... Check out the website and if u r not familare with the SHOW or havent played it in a while - the site i created has some background information (it mainly focusses on how MLB the SHOW is different form last years addition) - but u can search the web or ask myself, mjkight, deathwishh22, OleBo82 or wilsonn22 - each are founding commisheds in the new GROUP and are knowledgable about the SHOW... So check out the website i created - be sure to sign up using the id u plan on playing MLB the SHOW with - and Claim your team - and it will be reserved for you in the LG! the website is


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