T-MAN-13-RHP Owner of the Vikings Trade list

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T-MAN-13-RHP Owner of the Vikings Trade list

Post  T-MAN-13-RHP on Tue Mar 02, 2010 2:31 am

Hey guys,
These are guys i'd be willing to trade, anyone on my team can be traded for the right deal.
1.Patrick Kerney-RE-93 overall-A potential-age 35
2.Thomas Jones-HB-89 overall-A potential-age 34
3.Alan Feneca-LG-89 overall-A potential-age 35
4.Marion Barber-HB-88 overall-A potential-age 29
5.Ovie Mughelli-FB-86 overall-B potential-age 32
6.Chris Samuels-LT-84 overall-A potential- age 35

those are my top 6,
I'm pretty fair at these deals as long as you dont lie about a players potential in which i'll void the trade automaticly,
I'm looking for young players to fill the positions or draft picks
Just remember i'll look at every trade offer and consider, if their is a biding war between players over them wanting the same player i'll tell you their offer, i'll be going with whoever gives the most quality talent for my player.

Hope to hear from you guys soon!
email: tmilton13@hotmail.com


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