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Post  yanksuck007 on Fri Mar 19, 2010 7:54 pm

Well i apparently bought a copy of the show that the disc itself is majorly flawwed. for instance when i would quit the gm to go back to main PS SCREEN my whole system would shut down completely. and after that happened bout 5 times i noticed all my other gms stopped working. thats when i said my ps3 had crashed i was FORCED to restore my ps3 to its original format and settings.(erasing everything i had ever done on my ps3 in the 3years ive had it) Did that it started working fine up until wednesday 5am i tried to start a gm of the show(thinkin my ps3 was the reason for the mishap) as soon as it got to main page with picture of mauer and sign that says press start. my gm shut down when i hit start. literally turned itself off as soon as i hit start. to top it off the place i bought my show is goin out of business so therefore i am stuck with a broken ass copy of the show and my ps3 doesnt play any game, movie, or cd. i talked with sony HQ for two hours today and its gonna cost me $148 to fix it. and this will be the second time in 3 years ill have to send it in. makin it a grand total $400 when 1st bought it and $148 in july of 08 to fix it and now another $148 to fix it now. $796(without shipping n handling) on my one ps3. I AM DONE!!! i will not be fixing it to play ill be fixing it to trade towards a 360. its been fun but SONY fucked me for last time. And for the record this yrs show is not as good as last years. it does nothin but lag when i played(couldve been my disc) but i seen online on some forums that it lags all the time in 90% of all online gms. true or not i know 1st hand it did nothin but lag and it broke my ps3. So i will be a 360 owner and could get pissed bout it too but at least if it fails i wont be shocked. So when i get it ill post on here what i think about it. and u better believe ill be usin MY name yanksuck007 so all the yankee fans know i think they suck cock for a livin....lol PEACE

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